#Reason It | Applications

#American Rare Earths (ASX: ARR) | United States reducing its dependence on China | The US government seeking to onshore supply of all critical materials for supply chain and national security purposes | USA needs mines to secure onshore supply of rare earths | Maiden JORC Resource | Halleck Creek | Government supported R&D to develop a domestic critical minerals supply chain

#Pactum | Automating routine supplier negotiations | 3VC | Maersk Growth | NordicNinja VC | Atomico | Project A | Metaplanet | Taavet+Sten.| Volatility in transportation markets | Freight carriers and their customers often want to rewrite contracts | Some deals better handled by algorithms than humans

#Polygon Labs | Blockchain technology creating a completely new type of media | Next generation content experiences

#Rideback | Supporting and empowering visionary storytellers

#Feature | Next generation entertainment studio | Technology platform pioneering the evolution of storytelling | Powering multi layered content experiences

#GTI Energy (ASX:GTR) | Uranium changing from yellow to green ahead of supply shortage | Biden IRA US$30b loan guarantees and incentives for the nuclear energy sector | Market recognising nuclear energy as a green energy | 57 nuclear reactors built worldwide 2023 | 450 reactors in service 2023 | Clean Energy Transition Fund | Uranium demand is visible | It takes a long time to permit a plant and build a reactor | Uranium price going to fly up because there is going to be a shortage

#Australian Goverment | National Hydrogen Strategy | Remaining on a path to be a global hydrogen leader

#OpenAI | Whisper | Open source deep learning model for speech recognition | Transcribing audio in several languages | Automatic speech recognition (ASR) without the privacy concerns | Content creating | Adding AI to everyday workflows

#U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) | New proposed federal vehicle emissions standards will accelerate ongoing transition to clean vehicles | Improving air quality | Reducing America reliance on ca 20 billion barrels of oil imports | Investing in America agenda | Building more American-made electric cars | Securing America global competitiveness | Delivering significant health benefits by reducing fine particulate matter that can cause premature death, heart attacks, respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses, aggravated asthma, and decreased lung function | Supporting critical generation of clean electricity and production of clean hydrogen needed to decarbonize transportation

#Intel | Neuromorphic computing

#MIT | Satisfying Multiple Mission Goals

#MIT | Satisfying Simultaneous Mission Goals

#MIT | Satisfying Unplanned Mission Goals

#MIT | Ensuring Dedired Mission Outcome

#MIT | Exploring Utility Of Common Knowledge

#MIT | Exploring Function Of Common Knowledge

#MIT | Exploring Common Knowledge Of Playbooks

#MIT | Analyzing Value Of Machine Decisions

#MIT | Analyzing Accuracy Of Machine Decisions

#MIT | Migitating Undesirable Action

#MIT | Maintaining Autonomy

#MIT | Balancing Safeguards

#UK Gov | Balancing Contextual Safeguards

#MIT | Law Of Autonomous Reasoning

#Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) | Standars Of Autonomous Levels

#GitHub | Hierarchical Mission Architecture

#NASA | Science Driven Exploration

#University of California, San Diego (UCSD) | Target Characterization System

#Congatec | Autonomous Robotic Planetary Exploration

#Feier University Berlin | Tier Scalable Mission Architecture

#Harness Developer Hub | Flagging Targets Of Interest

#Hyundai Motor Group | Investing heavily in R&D | Developing platform for next-generation EV | Expanding product lineups | Developing core parts and advanced technologies ,| Establishing research facilities

#TVO | Olkiluoto 3 plant unit helps in achieving carbon neutrality goals for Finland | Third most powerful nuclear power unit in the world | Nuclear power is domestic electricity production kept in stable operation, in all weathers | 100 MW reserve power plant built

#Panasonic | Seeking to expand production of electric vehicle batteries in USA | Considering Kansas, Oklahoma and Nevada

#BHP (ASX:BHP) | Demand for nickel to 2050 to increase 200-300% on the previous three decades | Nickel is a key component of the cathode of NCM chemistry lithium ion batteries.| It makes EV batteries more energy dense which translates to longer driving range

#Woodman | Nickel output needs to increase three fold by 2050

#Benchmark Minerals Intelligence | 72 new nickel projects needed by 2035

#Wood Mackenzie | To reach Paris Agreement targets of zero carbon by 2050 nickel output needs to rise three fold

#Ecograf (ASX:EGR) | Nickel in the US critical minerals list, underpinned by the Inflation Reduction Act | US supporting nickel processing factory in Tanzania delivering battery grade nickel for EVs

#Larvotto Resources(ASX:LRV) | Drilled into super high grade clay rare earths | Mineralisation hosted within ionic clays, making it suitable for simple, cost-effective extraction | Mineralisation is ionic i.e. can be mined and processed economically | Mineralisation is open in all directions, LRV has not found edges yet

#Charger Metals(ASX:CHR) | Modelling fast to define priority targets for follow up drilling to test for extensions to the mineralisation

#Microsoft | Bugs to manoeuvre | Dropped Twitter from its advertising platform after Twitter started charging minimum of $42,000 per month to users of its API | $2.15 trillion market cap | $100 billion cash on hand

#Consensus | AI-powered search engine | Scientific research | Improving scientific web search quality | Solving problems of biased and inaccurate search results | Delivering expert knowledge from 200 million scientific and academic research papers

#Microsoft | ChatGPT | Based on a probabilistic methodology | Randomness plays a role in predicting future events | LLM machine learning requires vast amounts of data to train models | Vast amount of computing power needed to process data | Costs multi millions every time the dataset is updated | It takes months to retrain models | No way simply to add a new section or subset | You have to retrain the LLM on the whole dataset | The limitation of NLP or LLM is that more data given them to train on does not result in better performance | Datasets may become unclean due to an averaging effect over all data | Throwing more data is not the answer as it is a path of diminishing returns reached very quickly | Prompt engineering is to spend time refining questions given to the LLM in such a way as to guide model in correct direction | Distillation Model gathered 52,000 question-answering examples from OPenAI GPT-3.5 and used this to retrain a LLaMA model into an instruction-following form | One can get 80% of the performance for a lot less than the cost of ChatGPT| Unintended Bias | If data is biased, AI system can perpetuate that bias, leading to discrimination or unfair treatment | ChatGPT Plus stores information about how user wants it to respond and behave, retaining this perspective even when user closes one chat and begins another

#Obsess | Virtual shopping platform | Enabling brands and retailers to set up 3D 360 digital storefronts on their websites | Creating the next-generation online shopping interface

#Mujin | Platform for robotics integrators | Integrating sensors, vision, motion planning | Industrial and collaborative robots for pick-and-place and other logistics applications | Machine intelligence and real-time digital twins to enable robots to operate autonomously and reliably in production | Infusing robot with digital twin to understand its surroundings, and only do motion planning | Allowing machine to reason about its surroundings in predictable way and to complete tasks in optimal way | Decreasing time to create a new behavior or deploy a new system